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Feniex Apollo Mini X Lightbar Now Available!


Feniex Apollo Mini X Roof Mounted Light Bar

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We just received our first shipment of Apollo Mini X Light Bars, and I have to say these things are awesome. You can tell that Feniex Industries spent some time manufacturing these bars. When I pulled the first one out of the box to take a look i was impressed with how sturdy the new light weight polycarbonate housing was that the Apollo Mini X also shares with its sister the Cobra Mini X. The Apollo Mini X houses 8 Apollo F6 LED modules that are configurable in either dual color, or solid colors. 

The Apollo Mini X is configurable in Solid Color, Dual Color Standard or Dual Color White Flood and there are options for Magnet Mount, Permanent Mount, Cigar Plug or Hardwire. 

The Apollo F6 LED's use the Apollo Wide LUX 180 degree optics that the Apollo Light Family is Known for. The Wide LUX optics provides a wide angle of visible light to maximize off angle brightness. In other words the Apollo Wide LUX optics will be brighter when viewed to the side in comparison to other LED's, though they may loose some intensity when viewed directly.

Color Configurations

Dual Color Standard

The Dual Color Standard Option is configured with eight (8) Split Color Apollo F6 Modules. This configuration allows the user to select between two colors whether it is Red/Blue, Blue/White, Red/Amber or any of the 6 available colors which may be configured in any of the 8 spots as chosen by the customer. 

Because The Apollo Mini X bar is capable of Dual Colors and Dual Modes, you can really use your imagination to create a mini bar to fit your needs. Whether you want a Red and Blue Mini Light Bar that lights up Red and Blue all of the way around, or you want a Dual Mode bar with two personalities that can be used for multiple applications. 

Such as a Red/Amber bar, or Red,Blue/Amber bar that can flash in Red or Red and Blue for emergency calls and volunteer calls, and then can light up in solid Amber for Hot Shot, Oilfield Towing or Utility Work.

Configuration Examples (More Configurations Available):

 Red/Amber Apollo Mini X Red,Blue and Amber Apollo Mini X Blue and Amber Apollo Mini X

Dual Color Flood

The Dual Color Flood Option is very similar to the Dual Color Standard Configuration but when it is configured each of the Eight (8) Apollo F6 Modules must contain white as their secondary color, for example Red/White, Blue/White,Amber/White. The bar is operated as a dual mode bar where Mode 1 is the primary warning mode, and mode two is selected as steady burn white. The steady burn white can be used as an area light while working at night, or as a omnidirectional searchlight to help find address numbers or see objects in better detail. As the bar is ordered these colors can be mixed and matched to create the primary warning color that you prefer, and if you wish to have the white led's flashing in the warning light mode, you can set it that way with the flash pattern selection. 

Configuration Examples (More Configurations Available):

Red,Blue and White Apollo Mini X Blue and White Apollo Mini X Red and White Apollo Mini X Amber and White Apollo Mini X

Solid Color

The Solid, or Single Color Extreme Configuration is a simple configuration where each of the eight (8) Apollo F6 modules are configured in one of the 5 available colors (Red,Blue,Amber,White,Green). This configuration is called "Extreme" because the Solid Color modules utilize all 6 of the LED's when they flash, where the split color modules use 3 led's per color making the Solid Color Bars "Extreme"-ly bright.

Configuration Examples (More Configurations Available):

Solid Red Apollo Mini X Solid Red and Blue Apollo Mini X Solid Amber and White Apollo Mini X

Solid Amber Apollo Mini X Solid Green Apollo Mini X Red and Amber Apollo Mini X 

Harness Options

Cigar Plug

The Cigar Plug option comes with a standard 12 Volt Automotive Cigar Plug similar to those used to charge a mobile phone. This Plug has two switches that control the two (2) modes and cycles through the available flash patterns. The modes are selected by switching the power switch to I or II for Mode 1 or Mode 2.

Hard Wire

The Hard Wire configuration comes with a Six (6) conductor power cable that can be connected to user supplied switches. The Hard Wire Configuration allows the user to control two modes and activate the optional Takedown modules (in steady burn). 

Magnet Mount vs Permanent Mount

One of the design features of this bar is the option of an Adjustable Permanent Mounting Bracket, or Rubber Covered Magnet Mount that protects your vehicles roof when the magnets are attached. 

The Magnet Mount option allows for easy installation and removal, this configuration comes with four large magnets which are mounted to the bottom of the Light Bar. These magnets will stick to a metal roof or bracket and provide a firm hold to keep the bar mounted to the roof. 

The Permanent Mounting option comes with two adjustable mounting feet that may be moved inward or outward from the underside of the Apollo Mini X Light Bar. These mounting feet are good for permanent mounting to roofs, headache racks and work trucks where drilling a mounting screw is acceptable. 

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